Saturday, September 16, 2006

Our place and an awesome rainbow

There's a reason why the Hawaii license plate features a rainbow. . .they're everywhere. This one happened to be right outside our lanai. We have yet to find the pot of gold. . .or maybe we already have.

Some random pics on our travels

Doesn't the Scion look great? She was a rockstar all the way cross-country and we were thankful for her 34 miles per gallon. Wooohoo!

Well, you gotta entertain yourself somehow. . .

What the heck?

In LAX awaiting another long flight with oh-too-much luggage

Vegas Baby

After carving our way through the desert we called ahead and to our great joy and amazement, were able to find a hotel near the strip for just $35 for the night. Woohoo! A real bed to sleep on! Having never been to Vegas before, we were in awe of the lights and excitement of the place. The only way I can describe it is as an adult Disney World. . .larger than life and fantasy-filled. Exhausted from our travels, we showered for the first time in an embarassingly long time and headed out to explore. After a big meal and one too many margaritas, it was all we could do to sink $20 into the slots (making our stay in Las Vegas official) and then stagger off to bed.

Utah. . .the desert

Only a few hours from the kahona-freezing cold of the Colorado mountains we found ourselves surrounded by desert as far as we could see. At one of the many scenic outlooks, we took the bottom picture after discovering that all that was around us was once at the bottom of a sea. Quite a transition to the opposite extreme!

Beautiful Colorado


Beautiful Colorado where we met up with some friends and camped in the Rocky Mountains. When our car arrived in Hawaii, a few weeks later it was still caked in Colorado mud from our adventures looking for the perfect camping site. We remain reluctant to wash away this memory.

C is for Colorado!!!

Can you spot our tent?

Cold, cold Jeremy freezing his Hawaiian kahonas off.

We hope to visit Colorado again soon.

Cross-Country Road Trip

So we have really been procrastinating this blog thing with school and getting our lives here all set up but we have so much to share! I think I am going to have to put a hold on my normally verbose self, however, and just go the simple route: pics and captions. Better than nothing, right?

Despite fears that our trip from Michigan would be a claustrophobic hell-trip, it urned out to be a lot of fun. . .once we were out of the midwest. Traffic barrels and detours led to some delirious pit stops and well, you need only look at the pics to the left for evidence of our state of mind.

But once the construction cleared and we survived Nebraska (where we had a run-in with some aggressive cockroaches in the "Big Inn" and ended up sleeping in a rest area), we felt like explorers traversing the country and discovering it one beautiful landscape at a time. I am still awed by how dramatically the scenery changes as you move further West and feel so lucky to have seen so much of it.

Check out other pages for pics from along the way!