Saturday, October 07, 2006

Trying to Skim Board: Ali'i Beach on North Shore

Some beautiful pics of us trying to skim board on the North Shore by our place. The surf was not fit for body boarding so we figured why not try it out. . .one good reason: serious wipe-outs on the shore. But the sunset, as you can see, was worth it!

Katherine and I considering the surf. . .

Here we go. . .

Not bad so far.

Laughing after a brutal wipe-out. Katherine, I left that picture out!

Isn't it funny how kids seem to know how to do these things? Way to go Sage!

Fun with Katherine & Sage: Windward Side

Round 1 of some fantastic pics with Katherine and Sage on the windward side of the island near Kailua: first body boarding excursion.

Jeremy and I about to collide.

Recovering after a major wipe-out!

Katherine catching her first wave.

Washing up on shore after a sweet ride.