Saturday, September 29, 2007


Hawaii: Brighter and Bolder

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Saturday mornings in our small town of Waialua are brought to life by a colorful and lively farmer's market that sells all sorts of exotic produce and local products from orchids to the famous huli-huli chicken grilled on an open spit. The market is an oasis of $1.50 bags of papaya and "everything 3 foh dollah" on an island marked by inflated prices. It is the perfect way to start the weekend and fill up the fridge with local grinds (pidgin for food) that are not only fresh but light on the wallet.


An amazing sunrise to start off the day. It's hard to be in a bad mood in the morning when you wake up to this.


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On the beach, boy-ee!

These are a few pictures from a recent day on the beach in front of our place. In the span of two hours we went from stormy with a rainbow to sunny and bright to a dramatic sunset. Pretty cool.




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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Some artistic pics experimenting with multi-exposure.

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Flowers of Hawaii photographed by Jeremy

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There is nothing quite like the feeling of your toes in the sand at sunset. I think about this when I am trying to fall asleep. You should try it. . .
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Handsome Hawaiian Kody. We are proud cat parents. Is that weird?
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Honeymoon Crash

Last weekend we had a fantastic 3-day adventure with friends Stuart and Stacia who were just recently married and honeymooning in Hawaii. We met up with them in Kauai and spent some quality time snorkeling, eating, hiking, eating, sun-bathing, eating, and playing an ultra-competitive match of pool volleyball. Let me just say this: Stacia has a fist worth fearing.

Fun Pics from Recent Adventures

Not a lot of time to write lately but here are a few updates on what we have been up to.

A few weekends ago we spent an amazing night camping with friends at Ho'Omaluhia (A Place of Peace and Tranquility) Botanical Gardens surrounded by Hawaii's beauty and good friends.

Having had such success at Ho'Omaluhia, we went out exploring the nearby Waimea Audubon Center that same week. It is one of those places that has always been on our list of things to do but for some reason, even though it is just around the corner, we had been stalling. Well, all good things do happen in time and boy was this excursion worth it. The gardens were lush, relaxing, and to be honest, oddly spiritual. You could sense how sacred the Waimea Valley continues to be today. Here are some highlights of amazing pics taken by Jeremy with his new fancy camera: