Monday, July 28, 2008

Birthday Bash

I missed out on Birthday Bash last year as a result of my procrastination and disorganization but there was no way I was missing out this year! For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about (don't feel bad!), Birthday Bash is a 2-day concert featuring some of the most popular local musicians (Hawaiian reggae) in honor of KCCN FM's anniversary. It is held at the Waikiki Shell but for those of us who are thrifty (or in my case, straight up cheap) and looking for a more relaxing setting, it's the perfect opportunity for a picnic/bbq in the surrounding Kapiolani Park.

We had a great day enjoying some ono grinds, great friends, and local kine jams. Siena is becoming an expert picnic-goer and was happy to just chillax under the trees, cuddle with her Aunties and Uncles, and fell asleep contentedly in her blankets when the sun went down.

Kody tries out the stroller

Not to be ignored, Kody takes the stroller for a spin. We think he approves. Next step: Kody in the basket and Siena in the seat for a family walk. That's sure to get some attention!

Siena Snugly Swaddled: Before & After

Siena loves to be swaddled at night when she is sleepy and ready for bed. She actually smiles and seems relieved to get all bundled up. . .we think her out-of-control limbs stress her out sometimes. (Wouldn't it stress you out to have these little things flailing around your body, occasionally hitting you in the face?) But something mysterious happens between bedtime and morning. . .we may have a little Houdini on our hands.

Jeremy's Birthday

Here are some highlights from Jeremy's birthday. Siena and I had a good time planning him a tricky scavenger hunt to find his gifts, we battled his favorite poppyseed cake, and had a great sunset party with friends. Hope you enjoy the slideshow! (Special thanks to Roy and Bridget for sharing your pics of the party. . .I was so excited to see everyone, I forgot to take any!)

Monday, July 14, 2008

Open Water Swim---Waimea Bay

Okay, so Jeremy and I are trying to get back in shape. You know, lose the baby weight, right? So when our friend Stacy mentioned the idea of a 1.2 mile open water ocean race, we thought it sounded like a great way to get motivated. The catch? Oh yeah, it was only 2 weeks away! Needless to say, with a newborn baby, training consisted of swimming only once prior to the race. . .and as we found ourselves shoulder-deep looking out at the vastness of Waimea Bay surrounded by 600+ hard-core swimmers in their Masters team suits, we also found ourselves wondering what the heck we got ourselves into.

But what an experience! As we stood on the shoreline wrestling into our mandatory neon green swim caps (very sexy), I noticed some heavy splashing on the horizon right along the swim course. Of course my mind immediately went to sharks (something I had been working all morning to keep far, far away from my mind) until there was a collective "Wow!" from the beach and a frenzy of finger-pointing as a pod of spinner dolphins broke free of the water, flipping and jumping excitedly. It was clear to us then, even if we came in dead last, this was no doubt going to be an amazing day.

And it did not disappoint. Sure, there were 600+ pairs of legs and arms to contend with at first (600x4=a ridiculous amount of splashing, bubbles, and limbs in the face for those of you who are wondering) but once everyone fell into pace, the crowd spread out and it was nothing but blue water, the rhythm of your stroke, and the occasional chatter of dolphins breaking the muted hum of the water in your ears. There were several exciting surprises along the way: the occasional sea turtle, a scuba diver I mistook for an octopus, a few strangers accidentally grabbing my feet, and the exciting moment when I completely overshot the island we were supposed to circle around (racing in the water, I discovered, can be considerably more disorienting than a footrace---I spent a lot of time zig-zagging). Having made a conscious decision not to push myself too hard for fear of panicking in the middle of the ocean and making the 6:00 news, I found that the most difficult part of the swim was not physical but rather mental. When the first stretch of the race to the island (see pics below) felt like forever, I had to tell myself to shut up a few times as I started to think "Holy crap! There's so much more to go. . .what if I don't make it?". But after rounding the island (after my little excursion off-course), I caught glimpse of the distant beach and heard the sharp trill of dolphins underwater, and couldn't help but think---"This is outrageously cool."

It was nonetheless with extreme excitement that I rounded the last buoy and headed for shore. Endorphins kicking, I sprinted the last little leg in shallow water only to discover that in a cruel twist (or for the amusement of the lifeguards and spectators), the race did not end when you swam to shore. Alas, no, we had to battle the undertow, rip off our masks (none too gracefully I might add) and run (more like stagger) up the beach across the finish line. Talk about a fish out of water. . .my legs had apparently forgotten their original purpose, and flopped quite uselessly over the sand as I wobbled my way to the finish. Once both Jeremy and I caught our breath and regained normal use of our legs, however, a feeling of great accomplishment swept over us. No, we did not come in first in our brackets, but we had finished, and that alone felt like something to celebrate. And what is more, we had spent an amazing Saturday in the crystal blue waters of Hawaii surrounded by some of the most spectacular treasures that the islands have to offer. I can't think of a better way to get in a work out.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Baby Siena

No, we have not entirely forgotten about this blog, silly. We've been kind of busy, well, creating a baby, carrying a baby, and now, raising one. Here are some highlights of our life with bebe so far.