Sunday, September 21, 2008

New Video of Siena: August & September


Here's a fun video we put together of footage from August and September. Funny thing is that it seems by the time we get these posts up, she has already changed! It's crazy how babies grow. Makes me a little teary-eyed actually. . .but then there is so much to look forward to as well. Each day brings new discoveries.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Siena's First Hike: Manoa Falls

Siena has started reaching out to grab and touch things---leaves,branches, walls---when we go out for walks and just seems to really take it all in so it seemed like the perfect time for her first hike. Per the recommendation of our friends Mark and Elizabeth, we decided to try out Manoa Falls Trail for the first time as it is a bit more family-friendly than some of our usual hikes. It proved to be a great success. Siena stayed awake for the first leg, took a quality nap through a bamboo forest, and then awoke to be mesmerized by the waterfall. She stared at it so intently, we could see the reflection of it in her eyes. Sometime during the hike back, however, she remembered she had not been fed for a while, and complained outwardly for all of Manoa Valley and its inhabitants to hear. In total it was a considerable success for a first hike. . .especially for a 3 month old.

Cuddles with Mommy

This is me squeezing Siena as hard as I can when I get home from work.
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Pretty Eyes

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Book Time

Siena loves, loves, loves her books. Putting some books up in front of her is a sure way to get her to stay happily in tummy time and hold up her head. I think she looks so grown-up in these pictures! Sniff, sniff.

Siena in "the big girl bed"

One of Siena's favorite parts of her day is making the bed in the morning. Jeremy lays her in it while he makes it over her and she just thinks it's the funniest thing ever.

Siena loves her ducky

Siena has really started loving her blankies. She especially loves these two blankies that have stuffed animals attached to them---a ducky (pictured here) and a bunny. And what does she like to do with her blankies, of course? Snuggle them. . .and eat them.
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Siena, the Chef

Lately, one of Siena's favorite activities is to chill in the kitchen with us and "help" us cook. There's just so many fun things to look at, touch, and play with in there. On this particular day she was making oatmeal cookies with Daddy and really got into playing with the spoon. There was a near disaster when some spit-up missed the bowl by centimeters (good reflexes, Jeremy!) but the cookies turned out to be a success nonetheless. I think we have a future chef on our hands. :)