Sunday, January 11, 2009

Magic Island Biathlon

This morning was our first team biathlon and we are exhausted! Jeremy started us off with a 2.5 mile run and then tagged me in for a 1k swim. Jeremy finished his leg with an impressive time of 19:40 and I completed the swim in 27:30. Truth be told, I was a bit disappointed by my final time since I swam the same course a few days earlier in 24 minutes but I feel proud nonetheless. Our friends Bridget & Roy and Christine & Stacey competed as well, each team finishing under the time limit and with grins on their faces. It was a successful day and we are now all looking forward to the next biathlon in the series, the Valentines Day Biathlon. We plan on doing a little bit more training this month and improving on our previous times. . .we'll see what we can do!

Biggest Moon of the Year

Yesterday we were treated to the biggest moon of the year (I know, there are so many jokes to be made) and it was spectacular. The combination of the bright face of the moon reflecting off of the water and the dramatic silhouettes created by the palm trees, coastline, and reef made for an amazing sight. Mother Nature certainly is an artist.

Sunday, January 04, 2009

December Family Break

This December break we were able to log some amazing family time and were able to both relax and explore together. We got in many hikes, sunsets, and cuddles---just what we needed to bring in the new year. Vive les vacances!

Siena's First Christmas

What a joy this Christmas was! We had so much fun getting into the spirit of Christmas with Siena this year and had a great time thinking up new experiences for her. The major hits of the season were the Christmas tree, all of the fun places she could wear her Santa hat, and the wrapping paper (which we spent most of Christmas morning trying to get out of her mouth). Surprisingly, Siena was really into the gifts on Christmas morning and crawled right over to her pile of gifts, which she promptly started banging on. . .thank goodness Santa brought this girl a drum! Enjoy this movie of our very first family Christmas.

Thanksgiving in Michigan

After D.C. it was on to Michigan where Siena had lots of friends and family to meet, as well as a first Thanksgiving to celebrate. It was awfully cold for her little Hawaiian body but we quickly learned how to bundle her up and help her rosy, chapped cheeks. Siena is so blessed to be loved by so many and we were proud to show her off.

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Halloween & Maui Adventures

We escaped to Maui this year for Halloween with friends. The scene in Lahaina around Halloween feels a lot like Mardi Gras (minus the boobs for beads) and the people-watching was at its prime. We had a blast simply walking the streets and taking it all in. The rest of that weekend was spent enjoying the pleasures of lazing in a cabana by the pool, exploring Lahaina, and an amazing middle of the night trek to see the sky transform from a star-strewn canvas of velvet to layer upon layer of sunrise-painted horizon. Enjoy this video of clips and pics, and, oh, if you're wondering why we all look like hobos at sunrise, turns out it's pretty freaking cold above the clouds.